Dear Clinical Instructor,

First off let me say that I know how stressful your job can be. You are in charge of 8 human liabilities running around. It can be scary and rough. You most likely don’t get paid well enough for all you do. I also understand you want us to excel and be great nurses and want to push us to do better. If I may let me also say that every single one of us want to be great amazing nurses one day and provide top notch care. During clinical we are all freaking scared out of our minds and the new knowledge we have is barely enough to keep up. Please watch your words and actions with us. We are fragile and easily influenced by you. You carry more weight in our lives than you may ever know. Encourage us when we do well and guide us when we are wrong, but please don’t belittle us.   We are steal learning and although you may hide your frustration well we can see it. It shows us the invisible bar that is set so high we will never do anything good enough or “right” enough to be a nurse. We are still growing and we look up to you. You approval or disapproval means more to us than you may know. Maybe I don’t know all my meds by memory, maybe I don’t know all the physiology of the patient I just got assigned to, but I am learning. Take the time and teach me show me. I am trying. Just be patient with me and remember where I am coming from. Thank you.


Your Future


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