Why another nursing school advice blog?

First off let me say that this probably isn’t a good advice blog.  My point of writing this is definitely not because I think I’m better or I have all the answers…or any answers actually.  Throughout nursing school, I scanned the web hours upon hours looking for advice watching videos, just to try to find help to get through.  They are many great videos out there and blogs that can give people great tips and also many great blogs of people sharing their success stories.  However I often left these blogs and ended these videos thinking, “Man I just don’t know if I can do this”. The reason I think that occurred is because although these people try to encourage me and share their success none of them ever shared with me all their failures.  No one ever took time to really express how insecure they were feeling or the times when they cried at night.  You know I’ve been inspired throughout live by many great men and women who have done wonderful things.  However I was inspired and motivated to keep going by those who have failed many times and yet in the end triumphed.  My point in this blog is not to share with you tips and tricks of how I’ve done everything it’s to share with you my own failures, my own insecurities, and the deep thoughts that go on in my mind long after clinical is over.  (At times I may share a tip or two).  My goal or what I want is to let you know that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail the trying to start an IV.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure how to insert an NG tube and you’re about to graduate.  It’s not important that you don’t know how to answer a code and you’re about to take the NCLEX.  It’s my firm belief that every single person should be a lifelong learner. If there’s one thing that you’ll learn in nursing school and probably the most important thing that you learn, it’s how to fail.  Growing up I only attempted to do things that I knew I could succeed it.  I never learned that it was okay to fail.  In nursing school you will fail and that’s okay but you’ll learn every single time.  Eventually you’ll master that skill but if you’re still learning you’ll be failing at other things.  This may not seem like encouragement, but it’s the truth.  When you understand it’s okay to fail you’ll begin to step out and you won’t be afraid to try to learn new things.  There’s a lot of pressure in nursing school from instructors, peers, other nurses, and faculty that you work with.  Just take some of the pressure off yourself, hang in there and don’t run away.

God Bless,



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