Hey everyone welcome.  Let me start by saying this I am a normal guy with a girlfriend and 3 dogs.  I work in a restaurant and I went to nursing school in my late 20’s.  As I graduate nursing school this semester I have learned a few things that I hope to share to encourage students.  The first is groups of people you will encounter while in nursing school.  The first group is your peers.  There is always the one person that even though they haven’t graduated acts like they know it all.  When the clinical instructor teaches you something they look at you as if to say “oh you didn’t know about this obscure procedure, It’s simple.”  They are the type of person that looks like they are breezing through and always know what to do.  THEY’RE LYING AND FAKING!!! First off nursing is tough FOR EVERYONE, NO ONE IS IMMUNE.  They are just as insecure and afraid as you are and THATS OKAY. There is sooooo much you don’t know.  People who think you should know it all by now are morons.  This type of attitude can leave you paralyzed.  It will make you not want to attempt anything because when you fail the apparent will be made known to everyone…and that is that you don’t know it all yet.  I have watched as these people talk and then tremble and shake when they are doing a task for the first time.  Look there are times when I first started IV’s that I wondered if I would even hit a vein.  Times when I could “feel” nothing and see nothing.  I failed many times.  Just get better at something everyday.  You will fail at things and thats OKAY.  Don’t run away just hang in there 🙂



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